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سال 1999 مدت زمان 02:01:00

کارگردان Régis Wargnier

نویسنده Régis Wargnier | Louis Gardel | Sergei Bodrov

استودیو Canal+ | Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image Animée | France 3 Cinéma

کشور سازنده Bulgaria France Russia Spain Ukraine


در ماه ژوئن سال هزار و نهصد و چهل و شش، استالین از همه مهاجران روسی میخواهد که به سرزمین مادری خود بازگردند. وقتی کشتی مملو از مسافر از فرانسه به بندر اودسا اوکراین می‌رسد، بجز یک پزشک و خانواده ش بقیه مسافران به زندان یا جوخه های اعدام سپرده می شوند. او به همراه همسر فرانسوی ش ....

In June 1946, Stalin invites the Russian exiled from the 1917 Revolution to return home. When the ships comes ashore in Odessa, the passengers are divided in two groups and one of them is executed. Among the survivors are Dr. Aleksei Golovin, his French wife Marie and their young son. Marie is accused to be a spy, her French passport is torn up and Aleksei accepts to move to Kyiv with his family to save her. They are sent to a room in a communal house and soon Marie befriends the super, an old woman who speaks French. But she is denounced and killed by the government agents. Marie feels guilty and brings her grandson Sasha Vasilyev, who will be evicted, to live in her room with her family. Marie wants to return to her family in France, but Aleksei explains that they are imprisoned in Russia. Marie tries a contact with the leftist French actress Gabrielle Develay to ask for help to leave the USSR. While Marie gets distant from her husband, she gets closer to Sacha, who is a great swimmer and the only chance to Marie contact her family.

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