My Beautiful Broken Brain

ژانـر بیوگرافی | مستند

سال 2014 مدت زمان 01:26:00

کارگردان Lotje Sodderland | Sophie Robinson

نویسنده Sophie Robinson

کشور سازنده United Kingdom


این مستند قدرتِ بی حد و مرز ذهن انسان را به تصویر می کشد ،مغزِ دختری 34 ساله بعد از یک سکته دچار یک سری تغییراته عجیبی می شود که زندگی او برای همیشه تغییر کند ...

MY BEAUTIFUL BROKEN BRAIN is 34 year old Lotje Sodderland's personal voyage into the complexity, fragility and wonder of her own brain following a life changing hemorrhagic stroke. Regaining consciousness to an alien world - Lotje was thrown into a new existence of distorted reality where words held no meaning and where her sensory perception had changed beyond recognition. This a story of pioneering scientific research to see if her brain might recover - with outcomes that no one could have predicted. It is a film about hope, transformation and the limitless power of the human mind.

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