Twyla Moves

ژانـر مستند

سال 2021 مدت زمان 01:22:00

کارگردان Jonathan Field | Steven Cantor

استودیو Stick Figure Productions

کشور سازنده United States


نگاهی اجمالی به زندگی حرفه ای طراح رقص افسانه ای و روند خلاقانه مشهور. تارپ، یکی از پیشگامان رقص و باله مدرن، جزئیاتی دقیق و موشکافانه را برملا می سازد.

Twyla Moves will provide a first-hand glimpse into the legendary choreographer's storied career and famously rigorous creative process. A pioneer of both modern dance and ballet, Tharp will share intimate details behind her trailblazing dances (Fugue, Push Comes to Shove, Baker's Dozen), her cinematic partnership with Milos Forman (Hair, Amadeus, Ragtime) and her wildly successful Broadway career alongside such luminaries as Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra and David Byrne. Tracing her influential career, the film follows Tharp as she builds a high-profile work from the ground up with an international cast of stars (Misty Copeland, Herman Cornejo, Maria Khoreva) who rehearse by video conference during the coronavirus pandemic. In Twyla Moves, Tharp will revisit her most memorable pieces through archival footage. Reflecting on her road to success and her quest to constantly evolve as a person and a choreographer, she will share her favorite stories of triumph and defeat, and how she remains deeply in love with dance. The documentary also features interviews with her family, friends and closest collaborators: the dancers, choreographers, directors and musicians she's worked with and influenced throughout her life, including Mikhail Baryshnikov, Billy Joel, David Byrne, Bob Dylan, and more.

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